Ron’s Background

 Ron is a skilled and understanding therapist working effectively with individuals, couples and families on a variety of issues for over 15 years.  His specialized training and experience make him uniquely qualified to:

assist people who have never been to a therapist as well as

those who have been to one or more therapists in the past.   

He specializes in brief therapy and uses traditional methods of therapy and recently discovered techniques including:

Medication is seldom necessary since recent discoveries in the field of pyschology have been proven to be more effective and less harmful to the patient’s spirit and body.

Ron enjoys helping his clients discover their gifts and strengths and how to use these gifts. including their faith, to overcome the challenges in their lives.

Education and Specialized Training








 Ron’s clients come from a number of different religious backgrounds, including the following.  He has also taught classes and conducted workshops in a variety of denominations,  including: