Mental Health Professional Designations

A Psychologist  has earned an undergraduate (4 year) degree  and  a Ph. D. (Doctor of Philosophy) or Psy. D. (Doctor of Psychology) in the field of psychology after  studying an additional 3 years.

A Social Worker (MSW) has earned an undergraduate (4 year degree) and a Master's Degree after studying an additional 2 years.

A Psychiatrist has earned an undergraduate (4 year degree), a M.D. degree after a 3 or more year course of study at a Medical School, and in addition has studied 3 to 4 years in Psychiatry.

The term  Psychotherapist generally applies to anyone working in the mental health field. Specifically in Colorado it means someone who is a mental health worker but who does not fit in any of the other fields specified here.

A Counselor is someone who has their training in the field of education or ministry.

Ron has a Master's Degree in Theology from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, and has received extensive training in the field of psychotherapy.  

He is a Registered Psychotherapist with the Colorado State Board of Registered Psychotherapists.